Travel tips & resources

Travel tips & resources

After years of full-time travel, you could say I know my way around. From solo travel to travel photography, here are all my travel tips, resources, and rambling thoughts to guide you on your merry way.

Female travel

Whether you admit it or not, traveling as a woman is totally different from traveling as a man. Especially if you're a solo female traveler, seeking out advice from  other female travelers is essential when planning a trip.

Life on the road

Though I love its, a life of travel isn't without its complexities. Dig here for endless musing and reality checks from my years as a full-time backpacker.

Money & budget

Money is the root of all evil... but alas, it's necessary to travel. (Unless you travel for free, but I'm not a fan of exploitation.) Here's what I've learned from saving money to travel and budgeting while on the road.


Packing right is the first step to any successful trip, especially if you're traveling long-term. Trust me, I've learned that the hard way. Read these to avoid making the same mistakes.


Though I'm a travel blogger, photography is my real passion. Whether you're curious about the best travel cameras or interested to start photographing your travels, here's what I know to help you on your journey.

Responsible travel

It ain't a niche—everyone should aim to be a responsible traveler. And trust me, there's far more to responsible than packing metal straws on your next trip.


Staying safe is always important—even more so when traveling off the beaten track. I'm not quite the Queen of Safety, but I do have some tricks up my sleeve.