How to apply for a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore

Although getting a visa for Pakistan can be notoriously difficult in some countries, getting a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore is markedly easier. Here’s our quick guide on getting a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore.


So you’ve traveled around Pakistan for several weeks, you’ve realized how insanely awesome it is to travel the country, and you’re not ready to leave, even though your visa is expiring. Now what?

It’s time to extend your visa, of course!

Visas can be extended in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, but we’ve heard the visa office in Lahore is the easiest place to get an extension.

Note that this only applies for paper visas that are in your passport. If you made use of the new e-visa system, you can apply for an extension online.

Finding the Passport Office in Lahore

To get a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore, head over to the Passport Office in New Garden Town. The cost of getting there depends on where you are; we recommend using Careem or Uber to save yourself being ripped off by rickshaw drivers. The visa section is open from 8:30 – 13:00 Monday till Thursday, and 11:30 – 13:00 on Friday.


The office is behind a road blockade and a big green gate with a security guard watching the door. Officially, you’re not supposed to carry cameras inside, but the guards were pretty lax about it most days.

The entry hall is a bit of a mess, but the visa section is easy to find. Just go in, loop around to the right, and go up the stairs in the back corner marked with a sign for foreigners.


How to apply for a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore - The visa extension form - Lost With Purpose travel blog

The form for the visa extension—basically just a new visa form.

Requirements for a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore

To apply for a Pakistan visa extension, you need the following:

  • A new visa application form (available at the visa office)
  • One passport size photo
  • A copy of your passport information page, current visa, and entry stamp
  • The details of your sponsor or LOI provider

When you fill out the form, follow the same guidelines as you did to apply for your visa. Avoid mention of visiting places like Peshawar. Feel free to say you’re flying out. And don’t worry about India visits—we’d spent the previous 9 months in India, told the officer we’d be going back in a few weeks, and still there was no issue.

If you have a visit visa, meaning you received your letter of invitation from a local, it might help if you bring your sponsor with you. We went with another friend who was not our sponsor, and we were told it’s not always possible to extend visit visas. Luckily, our friend managed to sweet talk the officer, and he relented. You shouldn’t encounter such issues with a tourist visa.


How to apply for a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore - Paying for the extension at the National Bank of Pakistan - Lost With Purpose travel blog

Prepare to fight your way through the lines at the bank. Protip: ladies can cut the line more easily.

Paying for the Pakistan visa extension in Lahore

The price of a visa extension depends on your nationality. We paid:

  • UK citizen: 85 GBP / 11,560 Rs
  • EU citizen: 60 EUR / 7,560 Rs

To pay for the extension, visit any National Bank of Pakistan branch, head to the cash payments window, and ask for visa payment. If they’re confused, tell them it’s a payment for the passport office. The clerk will give you a green form to be filled out in triplicate.

On the form, fill in your passport number where it asks for a CNIC number. Pay the clerk to finalize your visa payment.

How to apply for a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore - Green payment slip from National Bank of Pakistan - Lost WIth Purpose travel blog

2/3 of the payment slip from National Bank of Pakistan

Once you’ve made the payment, head back to the visa office with the payment slip to prove you’ve paid for the extension.

How long it takes to get a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore

Although we heard stories of people getting their extension in one day, getting a six month extension, and getting two new entries, we were told Islamabad has recently tightened the extension process rules, and that those aren’t possible anymore.

We were told we’d only get an extension for the duration of our current visa (45 days), and only one re-entry. It would also take two weeks for the process to be done. Apparently there is a new person in charge, and they are less lax than the previous official. However, if you’re friendly but insistent (or have a Pakistani friend with you), it should be possible to get it done in a day or two so long as it’s during the week and there are no holidays. In the end, we got a 130 day re-entry visit visa instead of the 45 days we were told we would get.


Getting a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore, Pakistan - Market near Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore's Walled City - Lost With Purpose travel blog

One of a million markets around Lahore’s walled city. Being stuck and passportless doesn’t have to be boring!

Traveling while waiting for a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore

Remember that it’s very difficult to travel around in Pakistan without your passport. Checkpoints on highways will likely turn you away, or even take you to the police station if you can’t produce your passport on request. If you’re a dual citizen, we’ve also been told that officials do not take kindly to learning you have two passports, and have left one in the office while you travel around.

Make sure to have ample copies of your information, visa, and entry stamp pages, and don’t plan on traveling too far while your passport is at the passport office. Lahore has plenty to offer for the trapped traveler, never fear.

Good luck

There you have it, a quick guide on getting a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore. Let us know in the comments if anything has changed!


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25 thoughts on “How to apply for a Pakistan visa extension in Lahore

    andrey says:

    Well, I just had there the experience totally different from yours. I received the extension in two days (maybe just two weeks before writing this), no sponsor detsils were needed. And travelling without passport was quite easy, I had just a receipt from them and passport copies. That wad pretty enough not only for travelling around the country in trains, buses and by hitch-hiking, but even for sraying in hotels!
    p.s. Isn’t there extension offices in Peshawar and Gilgit? I’ve heard that they are there and the process is fairly easy comparing to Islamabad.

    Sebastiaan says:

    Haha that’s typical Pakistan. No clear rules, and everything is changeable. Let’s hope more people have an experience likes yours.

    Shakeel says:

    Hi sir 03225500177

    Riaz Shaikh says:

    My visa expires on 27th of this month( August) and my returning ticket is on 4th do I need extension for this or it’s okay to travel on 4th?

    Shahid Jami says:

    Very useful content. As a couch surfer host I have assisted some of my guests in paper work and even accompanying to the visa office. If anyone needs any assistance in filling form, going there with or without a local, payment of fees in bank or needs a sponsorship letter feel free to contact me at 03004001262.

    Bricouille says:

    Hello dear all,

    Thank you for your kind and complete information.

    Heading to Peshawar, we would be glad to get any feedback from people having recently extended their visa in the regional passport office.
    (As per ministry of interior, , regional hubs can proceed with extension without signifying which one)

    I wish you a very good day

    suwenjiang says:

    but I am heard that the lahore passport is only for private passport, how to extend my official passport.

    Marion and Brice says:

    Hello guys,.

    Here is the update from Islamabad.

    Actually, we went to the department of immigration and passport (located in the very corner of sector G8/1, right at the Metrobus exit.
    As usual, we were warmly welcomed.
    The normal process impose two weeks for an extension , but if you want it faster, you will be invited without any bargain to have a short interview with the vice director of the department.
    With good arguments (ours were that we wanted to hire back north and enjoy GB and KPK before it gets too cold), he accepted to reduce the delay to 5 days (actually, we came on Monday morning and collected our passports on Friday).
    It is free for post of the nationalities, and they accepted to extend it for 90 extra days (no more entries that the single one already mentioned in genuine visa).

    Good luck to everyone.

    Jean says:

    My couchsurfing host told me a Spanish man traveling by car overstayed his visa after getting turned back from the Iranian border . The Lahore visa office gave him a 1 month visa extension for free.

    Chris says:

    As a Nigerian citizen, can I extend my visa in Lahore?
    I have overstayed for 1year now and need to travel now…
    Pls I need guidance! Thanks

    Rohullah says:

    Hello sir i want to extend my visit visa in Pakistan how can extend the visa thanks

    Bilal says:

    Hey I have got pakistani visit visa by i lost it please tell me how can i reprint my visa?

    Aukje says:

    I got 30 days extension in 2 days. It was for free, no costs. They need 2 photos and the details of loi was not needed.

    Shafqat says:

    Mari chuti khtm ho gai h saudia Arabia k visa ki main kasy bharha skta hu plz help kafeel ny paper bejwa diye hain

    mohammed ahmed says:

    Can you please help me i may required my wife visa extention very soon

    can u please email me the procedure which from need to fill at
    [email protected]

    AMAN says:

    Dears, how can i get the
    Pak Visa Extension
    easily on the currently policy


    Nejma Renn says:

    Thank you for all those useful informations. I am actually in pakistan and need to extend my visa which will end on the 3rd September. I want to be sure of the procedure in Lahore, and need some more informations, can someone give me the number of the Garden Town office in Lahore where I extend my visa.
    Thanks for your response

    Sebastiaan says:

    Calling them serves no purpose, they’ll probably won’t even pick up the phone.

    Sagir Ali says:

    Hi i need to extend visas can anyone consultants have!

    Arslan says:

    Any agent who help me to extend pakistani visa extension?? My number is 0322 3333745

    shaw says:

    hi first I paid online to get approval when i went in the visa office they again ask me to pay again in the bank this time! what the hell

    Sherin farzana bi says:

    Im married in pakistan from fiji. From the day i came my in laws took away my passport and they always lock me in house dont let me meet any neighbours no family and they treat me badly.when my visa expired my father in law signed under my name and applied for extenshion which is very different from my signature in my passport and i dont know how come my visa is extended with that sign. Now im about to give birth and its a girl so they will be chasing me out by taking my baby on the day ill give birth withoht my passport.pliz help

    Ben Ali says:

    Hello Friends..
    Can I extension my visit visa tow time or just one time final.

    ASH says:


    Aliza says:

    Hi… I’m a filipino national…. i was in pakistan since 18 year’s… n i just come Philippines for vacations…. but this time i just came here alone… and my visa has been expired last 26th September, 2019
    I want to go pakistan back but i don’t know how to apply for visa… can someone please help me…..

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