How to get from Yeghegnadzor to Goris by marshrutka

Getting from Yeghegnadzor to Goris by marshrutka can seem tricky, since there aren’t any marshrutkas running directly between the two. But it’s not actually difficult–you just need to head to the highway between Yerevan and Meghri to catch one, and the 2 hour ride is only 2000 AMD.

Where to catch a marshrutka from Yeghegnadzor to Goris

When in Yeghegnadzor, it’s relatively straightforward: follow “main” roads downhill until you hit the highway.

This is the highway that you will have come in on when arriving in Yeghegnadzor, regardless of where you came from. One direction goes to Yerevan, and the other goes south to Meghri.

Most of the guesthouses are clustered in an area further up into the hills, so your journey will be similar to ours–downhill past a football pitch, through the city past the abandoned theme park, left into a downhill street lined with lots of generic clothing stores, then bear right and head straight downhill until you hit the highway. There’s a sort of triangular intersection at the bottom of the hill that often has a couple of people standing and waiting, and some taxi drivers as well.

The Yeghegnadzor to Goris marshrutka passes along this road.

The intersection where you can catch marshrutkas to Goris. The marshrutkas head in the same direction as the cream colored car pictured.

When standing on the highway, make sure to stand on the side of the road opposite the town. This is the side of the road with traffic heading south to Meghri. The marshrutkas you need will drive straight along this road. Ignore the ones that turn left up into the town.

The direction to be facing if you want to go from Yeghegnadzor to Goris by marshrutka.

You want to travel in this direction to get to Goris.

Yeghegnadzor to Goris by marshrutka

Marshrutkas to Stepanakert and Meghri will start driving past Yeghegnadzor around 9:30 each day. There will be several marshrutkas each hour between 10:00 and 13:00. After 13:00, things slow down. There likely won’t be any more marshrutkas after 14:00, so don’t miss it!

When you see a marshrutka coming, flag it down and ask if it’s going to Goris. Don’t be disheartened if they don’t stop–it’s because they don’t have enough space for you.

Make sure to show up a little early to ensure you have time to catch one that still has space. The earlier, the better. A marshrutka from Yeghegnadzor to Goris should cost 2,000 AMD per person. The ride is approximately 2 hours long.

Drop-off in Goris

The drop off point in Goris is a bit removed from the city center, next to a gas station and a hotel.


To get to wherever you’re staying in the city center, you can either walk for 20 minutes or so (on the bright side, it’s downhill) or take a taxi for a couple hundred AMD. We stayed at Hotel Vivas while in Goris, which we can definitely recommend. It was one of the cheapest options, the beds were super comfortable, it was right next to a tasty restaurant, and the owner spoke a bit of English as well.


Everything you need to know to get from Yeghegnedzor, Armenia to the city of Goris by public transport, AKA marshrutka.


Have you recently traveled from Yeghegnadnor/surrounding area to Goris? If you have, let us know if this information is still correct in the comments. We want to keep things as up-to-date as we can!


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