How to get from Yerevan to Yeghegnadzor by marshrutka

Figuring out how to get from Yerevan to Yeghegnadzor, Armenia by marshrutka was a bit of a struggle for us, so we’re being good souls and sharing the way so that others don’t have to follow in our (lost) footsteps 😉

Getting to the marshrutka “station”

We were instructed to head to the bus station on the backside of Yerevan’s main train station… which was not correct in the end!

Marshrutky from Yerevan to Yeghegnadzor (and eventually Stepanakert) actually leave from a street close to the Gortsaranayin metro station. If you’re coming from the Yerevan city center, it’s one stop beyond Sasuntsi David, the metro station for the train station.

Once you get off at Gortsaranayin, exit the metro and head right. Continue walking straight ahead along the road pictured below until you hit a roundabout.

Roundabout on the way to the marshrutky from Yerevan to Yeghegnadzor

Look for this roundabout, then head left.

Once there, go left across the street, and you should see a couple of marshrutky lined up across the street from you. There’s a cafe and several small convenience store stalls in the spot as well. You’ll most likely have drivers asking you if you’re looking for Yeghegnadzor once you’re in the area.

The marshrutka from Yerevan to Yeghegnadzor

The ticket for the ride should cost you 1200 AMD. The ride is about 2 hours long. The marshrutka goes beyond Yeghegnadzor (possibly to Stepanakert? We’ve read that the ticket to there is 6000 AMD), so make sure the driver realizes you’re getting off in Yeghegnadzor.

The Lonely Planet says that marshrutky leave hourly, though in our experience, they leave once mostly full. We were recommended by our guesthouse owner in Yerevan to get there before 11:00, otherwise there may not be more. We can’t verify this, as we played it safe, but it doesn’t hurt to get there earlier in the day, to make sure you make it onto a marshrutka with space for your backpack.

Alternative method: transport by bus

If you can’t get on a marshrutka to Yeghegnadzor, you can head to the bus station on the back side of the main train station. Head to Sasuntsi David metro station (one away from Gortsaranayin, towards the city center), and when you get off the metro, head left and keep walking until you’re outside.

Look for buses (not marshrutky), and find drivers going to cities in the south. Many will have to pass near Yeghegnadzor, and some may be willing to drop you off for an extra 2-300 AMD from the normal price of 1200 AMD.


Have you recently traveled from Yerevan to Yeghegnadzor? Let us know how you got there in the comments–it’s good for people to know the most up-to-date information! Cheers.


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