The best cafes for digital nomads in Kyiv

Looking for a cafe to work from in Kyiv, Ukraine? Here’s a guide to the best cafes in Kyiv for working remotely, from firsthand experience.


Kyiv is hopping, and digital nomads are quickly figuring it out.

Who can blame them? Cool bars, reasonably priced restaurants, a hip urban population, and plenty of cafés to work from; Kyiv has everything a digital nomad needs. Add to that the fact that Kyiv is quite affordable, and that you can stay for up 90 days in a 180-day period, and it’s easy to see why more and more remote workers are flocking to this amazing city.

However, Kyiv might have one big problem: there are so many cafes and coffee shops, it’s sometimes hard to know where to go for a solid brew and fast Wi-Fi. Below you can find my pick of the best cafes in Kyiv for working remotely, compiled after several months of living in Kyiv. Scroll to the end for a map with all the places mentioned.

The best cafes for digital nomads in Kyiv

Interior of One Love Coffee in Kyiv, Ukraine

ONE LOVE Coffee’s fueling station


Nearest metro: Lva Toltsoho

Coffee starts at 55 hrn

ONE LOVE Coffee has several locations, but my favorite is right in the middle of the city above Pinchuk Art Centre. In fact, this guide to the best remote working places in Kyiv was written there!

The cafe sits on the 6th floor of a historical building overlooking Bessarabsky Market. The interior is clinical (in a good way), and the easy listening music is at juuust the right volume. There are plenty of outlets, and you won’t be the only one sitting with your laptop out. Luckily, there’s plenty of space.

Prices are reasonable considering the location, with a cup of filter coffee costing 55 hrn (around US$2.20). They also serve light meals and alcoholic beverages.


  • Central location
  • Great views
  • Design perfect for work


  • Interior too harshly clinical for some
  • Limited food menu

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Interior of ONE LOVE Coffee at St Nicholas Church in Kyiv, Ukraine

A different world for digital nomads at the ONE LOVE Coffee at St. Nicholas

ONE LOVE Coffee at St. Nicholas Church

Nearest metro: Olimpiiska

Coffee starts at 55 hrn

Yeah, yeah, I know I mentioned ONE LOVE already… but this location is the exact aesthetic opposite from the first. Where the first ONE LOVE I mentioned has a clean and clinical interior, the one at the St. Nicholas feels more like a cozy living room, complete with books and warm lighting.

It also seems specifically designed for people who want to work remotely in Kyiv. All tables have outlets (swoon), and all are at the right height for working on your laptop. They have good coffee and tasty snacks, and the staff spoke English when I visited. All this makes this ONE LOVE one of the best cafes in Kyiv to get some work done.


  • Cozy feels
  • Great seating with outlets
  • Close to the center


  • Can get busy and noisy
  • Service can be slow


Customers in the interior of Blue Cup Coffee in Kyiv

There are many reasons to work from Blue Cup Coffee in Kyiv… but the wallpaper might be #1

The Blue Cup Coffee Shop

Nearest metro: Teatralna

Coffee starts at 39 hrn

The Blue Cup is one of the most popular coffee shops in Kyiv for remote workers and locals alike. The charming design, nice and varied menu, and overall cozy atmosphere make this a great place to whip out your laptop and bang out some work. All the waiters speak English, and their menu is available in both English and Ukrainian.

Prices at The Blue Cup are in line with similar places in Kyiv, although the food portions are slightly smaller than I would have liked. They also have an open Wi-Fi connection, so make sure to get a secure VPN for connecting to the internet here.

I had trouble connecting my phone to their Wi-Fi, so keep this in mind if you need your phone a lot for work. If you do use your phone a lot in Ukraine, I suggest getting a local sim card. Check out my complete Ukraine travel guide to get all the info on getting a local sim card.


  • Comfortable seating
  • Great menu with specialty coffee’s
  • Enough outlets


  • Can get crowded
  • Small portions
  • Open Wi-Fi network
A man working remotely in Kharms cafe in Kyiv, Ukraine

Kharms is a great place to tuck away and tuck into your work

Kharms (Xapmc)

Nearest metro: Zoloti Vorota

Coffee starts at 39 hrn

Close to the Golden Gate, this place might be a bit hard to find, but it is absolutely worth it.  The bookstore atmosphere, nice menu, and friendly staff make this a great place to get some work done. It’s also relatively quiet, perfect for making some calls or focusing on tasks at hand without needing to filter out chitchat around you.

Prices at Kharms are also reasonable, making this a great place for digital nomads in Kyiv. Black coffee starts at 39 hrn (around $1.40) and food starts at around 100 hrn. There are also plenty of vegetarian options available. And if you want to funk up your laptop, Kharms has a great selection of cool stickers that you can buy. All in all a great cafe in Kyiv to get some serious work done.


  • Bookstore like atmosphere
  • Great menu, including vegetarian options
  • Enough seating


  • Not easy to find
  • Not all tables have outlets


Interior of Alltrueeast cafe and restaurant in Kyiv, Ukraine

A healthy dose of greenery inside Alltrueeast

Alltrueeast (Альтруіст)

Nearest metro: Lva Tolstoho

Coffee starts at 34 hrn

Alltrueeast (Al’truist on Google) straddles the line between café and restaurant, but is a perfectly pleasant place to get some work done in Kyiv nonetheless. They serve great coffee and food portions are large, justifying the price, which is a bit higher than in similar places in Kyiv. They get bonus points for having great vegetarian options.

Alltrueeast can get a bit crowded at times. If you need to fully concentrate, this might not be the place for you. But if you’re looking to get some work done in between bites, Al’truist is a great place for remote work in Kyiv.


  • Friendly staff
  • Generous food portions
  • Central location


  • Can get crowded
  • Not all seats have outlets

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Interior of HumHum cafe in Kyiv, Ukraine

A little bit like an eccentric living room, no?


Nearest metro: Kontraktova Ploscha

Coffee starts at 24 hrn

Like Alltrueeast, HumHum is more of a place to eat than a cafe. However, due to its great vegan menu and charming living room atmosphere, it deserves an honorable mention on this list. Hum:Hum isn’t necessarily made for remote working, but I’ve eaten there plenty of times, and it’s not strange to see people pull out laptops while devouring plates of hummus or salads.

Hum:Hum is located in Podil, close to the Kontraktova Ploscha Metro Station. It’s a great area to explore full of charming streets, bars, and restaurants. It’s also close to Dream House Hostel, the most popular hostel in Kyiv.


  • Healthy food and drinks
  • Charming atmosphere
  • Free water


  • Can get busy
  • Limited seating


Map of the best cafes in Kyiv for working remotely

This is just a handful of the best cafes in Kyiv for working remotely. Almost all cafes have excellent Wi-Fi, and Kyiv is clearly a caffeinated capital. However, the above places are among my absolute favorite places to get some work done in Kyiv. If you’re looking for something more formal, check out this list of coworking spaces in Kyiv.


Are you a digital nomad looking for a cafe to work from in Kyiv, Ukraine (also known as Kyiv)? Here's a list of the best cafes with wifi for remote working in Kyiv, including a map and average costs for a cup of coffee. Your search is over!

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4 thoughts on “The best cafes for digital nomads in Kyiv

    Jonny Duncan says:

    As a digital nomad who lived in Kiev for 5 months there is one of my favourite coffeeshops I always worked from not mentioned called: Come and Stay. It’s near Tolstoho and has some of the best coffee in Kiev and a nice chilled homey vibe with lots of students hanging out. BTW this is Jonny from backpackingman – a long time since the nomad games in Kyrgyzstan huh? 🙂

    Sebastiaan says:

    Yo man, good to hear from you. It has been a while.

    I considered adding Come and Stay to the list. I spent a lot of time there, especially on my first trip to Ukraine. But ultimately, I didn’t like working there so much. The coffee is great, but the place is too small and crowded to comfortably work in. I also thought the tables were too low to sit comfortably behind my laptop for long periods of time.

    It’s a nice little coffee shop for a drink and a snack (their cakes are delicious) but I prefer to work elsewhere.

    Joe says:

    Hey, just a comment, menus in Ukraine are not in Russian but in Ukrainian mostly these days and i think the same is true for Blue Cup Cafe.

    You are absolutely right, totally forgot they changed it to Ukrainian some time ago. Thanks for pointing that out. Edited it!

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