5 Hard-to-reach Destinations You Need to Visit

The longer the journey, the more you’ll appreciate the destination! Here are 5 hard-to-reach destinations you need to visit.


Sometimes the best things in life are those that take the most effort to achieve. That’s the case with these five fantastic hard-to-reach locales. Let’s take explore these hard-to-reach destinations you need to visit despite the lengthy trip to get there!


1. Cape York Peninsula – Australia

It’s no surprise a nation so closely associated with immense natural beauty and low population density would make an appearance on this list.

The Cape York Peninsula is one of the most under-developed locales in the First World. Its population of 18,000 is almost entirely comprised of aboriginal tribespeople. Untouched landscapes and culture are well worth the long journey you’ll need to make from mainland Australia.

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2. Easter Island – Chile

As festive as it sounds, you won’t find any chocolate or bunnies hopping about on Easter Island! This mass of land is situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 2,000 miles from the main coastline of Chile.

On the island are a series of giant stone carved heads protruding from the ground, known as “Moai”. It was once believed these Moai were just heads, but recent discoveries have shown they are also attached to larger bodies!

3. Ciudad Perdida – Colombia

Ciudad Perdida – literally translated as the “lost city” – is a location in Colombia which wasn’t discovered until the 1970s, despite being built by Mayans way back in the 11th century.

Standing as a rival to the famous Machu Picchu, the ancient ruins are almost perfectly preserved, but can only be reached via a staggering six-day hike. Needless to say, it takes some effort for any intrepid explorer to bask in their glory. 

Hard-to-reach destinations you need to visit - Ciudad Perdida by Flickr user alschim

Image credit: alschim

4. Motuo County – China

This region of China is the last region still inaccessible by conventional road. Needless to say, that factor makes the trip there something of a nightmare.

The journey begins on a route through the frozen parts of the Himalayas, followed by a perilous crossing on a 200-metre suspension bridge. But once there, you’ll see what all the fuss is about! The remote locale possesses as much as 10% of all flora in China.

Bananas and oranges grow in the heights of a misty, snow-topped mountain, like a scene straight from a fairy-tale.


5. Deception Island – Antarctica  

Let’s conclude our list with one of the most remote locations on Earth: Antarctica.

Antarctica is a relatively obscure destination for travelers to venture to. It remains almost entirely unpopulated, despite being the size of a continent.

The aptly named Deception Island, lying 11,963km from Toronto, is somewhere you need to check out at some point in your life. The land itself is the top of a partially submerged volcano, which results in a surprising amount of heat being omitted from the resting pools of water found there despite icy conditions.

Hard-to-reach destinations you need to visit - Deception Island in Antarctica by Flickr user davidstanleytravel

Image credit: davidstanleytravel

While there, you can take a dip in one of these natural springs, or check out the abandoned whaling factory. The region also plays host to the largest cemetery in Antarctica… not that that’s saying much!



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