Report: the China – Kazakhstan border crossing at Khorgos

My report on the China – Kazakhstan border crossing at Khorgos. Includes prices, travel times, and everything else you need to know about crossing the border between China and Kazakhstan.


Crossing the border between China and Kazakhstan at Khorgos should be relatively straightforward, but does require a bit of patience and luck—especially if you want to do it as cheaply as possible.


Riding the bus from Yining, China to the China - Kazakhstan border crossing at Khorgos

VIP spot on the bus from Yining to Khorgos

Getting to Khorgos

I arrived in Khorgos by bus from Yinning, but you can also go there directly from Urumqi. Buses from Yinning to Khorgos take 1.5 hours, cost 20.5 RMB and go hourly.

The bus will drop you off at Khorgos bus station. I strongly advise you to arrange travel across the border from here–you are not allowed to cross the border on foot. You might be able to hitch a ride on one of the long-distance buses to Almaty, but this can take forever, and is not guaranteed. You can get minibus tickets to the border, and possibly to Zharkent, a small town in Kazakhstan about 20 minutes from the border.

There are money changers at the border. At the time of writing, 1 RMB = 50 Kazakh tenge. Changers will approach you, and everything can be done in the open. They might also be able to help you to get a minibus, since they speak some English and Russian.

To get from the bus station to the border, simply exit, turn right, and follow the main road until you cross a suspension bridge and see the chaos of the border.

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A man walking over a suspension bridge near the border


Crossing the China – Kazakhstan border at Khorgos

The China – Kazakhstan border at Khorgos is a bit like a bizarre Disneyworld, and is filled with tourists on the Chinese side. Plenty of Kazakhs come through here to go shopping in China visa-free, and Chinese tourists come to see the border because, y’know, that’s what Chinese tourists do.

Chinese tourists at the China - Kazakhstan border crossing at Khorgos.

I didn’t know this, so we walked to the border crossing. Figuring out where to enter was confusing–you are not allowed to walk through the main gate. Instead, head to the right along the fence a bit, and look for several car lanes that lead up to the border. There will likely be buses, trucks, and minibuses heading through.

Going through customs takes only a few minutes–dodge the Kazakh shopping crowd, fill out a departure card, and go through. It was afterwards that my patience was tested.

People waiting to cross the border between China and Kazakhstan

After learning that I was not allowed to cross on foot (from an angry shouting sniper), we had to ask around and find a bus driver willing to drive us over to the Kazakh side of the border, about 1km away. There were only three long-distance buses to Almaty when I arrived and I had to wait for three hours to hitch a ride to the Kazak side of the border. I also couldn’t go with them to Almaty, since the buses were full, and bus drivers are hesitant to take foreigners aboard.

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People waiting for a bus at the China side of the border

Waiting for a million hours, thanks to all of the Kazakh shoppers and their billion items of wares.

If there is space, hopping on a bus to Almaty will cost around 5,000 tenge.

Getting from the China – Kazakhstan border to Zharkent and Almaty

If you can’t get on a bus to Almaty at the border, you either have to take a taxi, or go to Zharkent. You might be able to hitch a ride to Zharkent. If not, a taxi to Zharkent will be about 2000 tenge, less if you’re a solid haggler.

From Zharkent, there are buses to Almaty at 8:30, 12:30, and the last reasonably timed bus, 15:15. There’s one final bus at 23:30, for you night owls. A bus ticket costs 700 tenge for the lowest class, and the ride should take 7-8 hours.

If you miss your bus of choice, you can arrange a shared taxi from Zharkent bus station. A shared taxi to Almaty should cost around 15,000 tenge for the car, but you’ll have to bargain hard to get this price. It helps if you know some Russian. The ride should take about 5 hours, and the driver should drop you off at your destination of choice.

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So there you have it, a quick and complete guide to crossing the border between China and Kazakhstan at Khorgos.

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6 thoughts on “Report: the China – Kazakhstan border crossing at Khorgos

    Kevin says:

    So if you’re staying in a hotel in Yining and you just want to arrive at the Free Trade Zone to shop around how can you get in? I don’t plan on actually going into Kazakhstan. Just the Visa Free Trade Zone.

    Grant McWilliams says:

    It’s strange that you can walk to the border but not cross on foot. I’m looking at going the other way and either I have a 32 hour train right clear north and then back south to Urumqi or I take a 6 hr train to Karimagash and then hitch a ride across the border at Khorgos and then proceed on from there which is another 6 hrs to Urumqi. Maybe I’m not saving much time trying to shortcut the train?

    Considering the hassle of crossing the border without prearranged transport, I don’t think you’ll save a lot of time.

    Paul CREUSVAUX says:


    Not sure to understand, in the title it is written “UPDATED ON JULY 15, 2021”
    Does this border still open despite Covid restrictions?

    Thank you very much 🙂

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