Here’s exactly how much it costs to travel in Afghanistan

A detailed budget report about how much it costs to travel in Afghanistan. Includes a city-by-city breakdown, average costs for common expenses, and recommendations for budget accommodations.

Figuring out finances for a trip is a headache, especially for countries like Afghanistan where there’s hardly any information available.

To save you travelers a few unnecessary headaches, we tracked our expenses over 20 days, so you can see exactly how much it costs to travel in Afghanistan.

Exchange rate used for this trip: $1 = 65 Afs

Important: Many big ticket items, such as hotel rooms and plane tickets, are paid for in USD. It’s advisable to bring all your money in USD. Getting money from an ATM is possible in some cities, but money changers are found everywhere.

Here's how much it costs to travel in Afghanistan - Lost With Purpose

Here’s how much it costs to travel in Afghanistan

Total cost of travel for 20 days

  • For two people: 154,315 Afs / €2,143 / $2,374
  • Per person: 77,157 Afs/ €1,1071 / $1,187

Average cost per person

  • Total per day: 3,858 Afs / €54 / $59
  • Food and drinks per day: 400 – 700 Afs/ €5.55 – 9.70 / $6.15 – 10.80
  • Accommodation per day: 1,300 – 20,00 Afs / €18 – 28/ $20 – 30

Note: Prices for accommodation are per room. So a solo traveler will pay the same as a couple.

  • Flight between cities: 3,250 – 7,150 Afs/ €45 – 99/ $50 – 110
  • Taxi for a day trip: 1,300 – 3,250 Afs / €18 – 45 / $20 – 50
  • Taxi around town: 1,00 – 3,00 Afs/ €1.35 – 4.15/ $1.55 – 4.60
  • Entrance to tourist sights: 0 – 800 Afs / €0 – 11.10 / $0 – 12.30

Note: A small donation is appreciated at sights that don’t charge admission. 20 Afs should be enough.

Overlooking the Kabul, Afghanistan skyline - Lost With Purpose

Average amount spent per day in each city, for one person. Includes transport to the city.

  • Mazar-i-Sharif: 4,606 Afs / €57.70 / $63.95
    • We recommend Barg-e-Sabz – 1,300 Afs for a double room with bathroom and simple breakfast
  • Herat: 2,754 Afs/ €34.50 / $38.25
    • We  recommend Mowafaq Hotel – 1,370 Afs for a double room with shared bathroom
  • Kabul: 2,365 Afs/ €29.60 / $32.80
  • Bamyan: 6,682 Afs/ €83.70 / $92.80
    • We recommend Caravanserai – 1,965 for a double room with bathroom

      This hotel, found across from the big buddha, will assume you’ll want breakfast and dinner there, and will provide both for about 900 Afs. Make sure to tell the owner if you don’t want this.

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A couple of things to consider:

  • Depending on the security situation, it might be possible to drive between Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif.
  • The places we slept didn’t have security. If you opt for a place with security, you’ll pay more.
  • Always bargain for budget accommodation.
  • Afghanistan is an extremely poor country. It is common courtesy to leave a donation at sights, or give someone a bit of money for their help.
  • It’s not uncommon for people to tell you it’s nothing when you ask them for a bill. This is just a form of politeness; insist on the bill.

Standing on a tank in the Panjshir Valley outside of Kabul - Lost With Purpose

Context/how we roll

We’re your typical wanderin’ backpacker duo:

  • Always walk or take public transport… unless there is none. (Or we’re reeeally lost…)
  • Usually eat cheap meals and fast food for at least 2 meals a day.
  • Sleep in the cheapest accommodation we can find that isn’t crawling with bedbugs or covered with old vomit. Usually opt for a private double rather than dorms.
  • We don’t like museums.


Crazy enough to travel to Afghanistan? Well, you should probably figure out a bit of financials before you go. Here's a breakdown of exactly how much it costs to travel in Afghanistan, as of 2016.



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    I want to guing in Afghanistan

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    Is it possible to stay there forever? Then how much will it cost?
    What things we should do?
    What are necessary?

    Ahmad P. says:

    Thank you for providing this great information about Afghanistan for anyone interested. I recently came back from visiting my family in Kabul. Your estimates were pretty accurate prior to Taliban coming to Kabul Jan. Right now it is 25 percent cheaper for accomodations. Don’t let negativity discourage you. Pack up and go visit Afghanistan and experience the natural beauty and have all the organic food you want. We Afghans are hospitable people. We’re always happy to see you. Khosh Amadid. 💕 Kabuli 💕Afghanistan.

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    I’m thinking about going there for some time. I have medical problems and need special cushions to rest on..
    I take medicine.. is it possible to survive while visiting alone.
    I never ever have traveled before.

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    After Taliban take over the security situation is terrible.
    Just don’t come to Afghanistan or risk your life.

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    What is the cost of a 10-minute rickshaw ride in rural Afghanistan?

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    What is it like to travel in Afghanistan as a solo female traveller now a days?

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