Here’s exactly how much it costs to backpack in Kyrgyzstan

A detailed budget report about how much it costs to backpack in Kyrgyzstan. Includes a city-by-city breakdown, average costs for common expenses, and recommendations for budget accommodations.


Financial planning is boring and annoying. To save the world of a few unnecessary headaches, we tracked our expenses over 26 days, so you can see exactly how much it costs to backpack in Kyrgyzstan.

Exchange rate used for this trip: €1 = 76 som

Sunrise over an Islamic cemetery in Kyzart, Kyrgyzstan - Lost With Purpose

Sunrise over an Islamic cemetery in Kyzart.

Here’s how much it costs to backpack in Kyrgyzstan

Backpacking in Kyrgyzstan is relatively affordable. We traveled in (backpacker) comfort for the time that we were there, and could easily have traveled for less as hitchhiking and camping is extremely manageable in Kyrgyzstan.

It’s also worth noting that these are costs for traveling in summer—winter travel in Kyrgyzstan can get even cheaper when it comes to accommodation.

Total cost of backpacking in Kyrgyzstan for 26 days

  • For two people: 77,241 som / €1,016 / $1,128
  • Per person: 38,620.50 som / €508 / $564
Sebastiaan standing alone in an abandoned factory in Min Kush - Lost With Purpose

All alone in an abandoned factory in the crumbling town of Min Kush.

Average cost per person to backpack in Kyrgyzstan

  • Total per day: 1,486 som / €19.55 / $21.70
  • Food and drinks per day: 400 – 600 som / €5.25 – 7.90 / $5.85 – 8.75
  • Accommodation per day: 500- 700 som / €5.25 – 9.20 / $7.30 – 10.20

Note: travelers are most likely to stay in hostels or yurts. Prices mentioned are for one dorm bed, or one mat in a yurt.

  • Long distance marshrutka: 200 – 500 som / €2.60 – 6.60 / $2.90 – 7.30
  • Long shared taxi: 800 – 1,200 som / €10.50 – 15.80 / $11.70 – 17.50
  • Taxi around town: 100 – 400 / €1.30 – 5.25 / $1.45 – 5.85
  • Three day horse trek with accommodation: 6,000 – 10,000 / €79 – 132 / $88 – 146

Note: Make sure to be 100% clear on the price of any tour you book, and make sure you know what is and is not included. It’s common for less reputable tour agencies to try to squeeze more money out of you at the end of a tour!

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A bird's eye view of Osh from the holy Sulayman mountain in the center - Lost With Purpose

A view of Osh from the holy Sulayman mountain.

Average amount spent per day in each city, for one person

When you’re calculating how much it costs to backpack in Kyrgyzstan, that means including the cost of getting to places Kyrgyzstan, too! Transportation to each city is included in its cost. Note that we didn’t fly at all to reach Kyrygzstan.

  • Bishkek: 1,259 som / €19.15 / $21.25
  • Min-Kush: 848 som/ €11.15 / $12.40
    • We slept with a local family
  • Kyzart/Song Kul: 2,220 som / €29.20 / $32.40
    • We took a night bus back to Almaty
  • Karakol: 1,663 som / €21.90 / $24.30
  • Cholpon Ata: 1,674 som / €22 / $24.45
  • Transit Bishkek to Arslanbob: 1,793 som / €23.60 / $26.20
    • We stayed in a really crap hotel at the beginning of Bazar Korgon – 600 som for a double room
  • Arslanbob: 826 som / €10.90 / $12.10
    • We highly recommend CBT Homestay 11 (Zinaida Homestay) – 1,400 som for two people including breakfast
  •  Osh: 1,091 som / €14.35 / $15.95


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Rolling deep on horseback during a rather trying horse trek to Song Kul lake - Lost With Purpose

Rolling deep on horseback during a rather trying horse trek to Song Kul lake.

A couple of things to consider:

  • We only included costs we think are relevant to the average traveler. We doubt you care about the clothes we bought.
  • We traveled in summer high season. If you travel in Kyrgyzstan in winter, prices will be lower.
  • We tend to plan treks and tours ourselves. Expect to pay more if you book through tour operators such as CBT and Shepherd’s Way.
  • We were stationary for a while to sort out visas in Bishkek, and to visit the World Nomad Games in Cholpon Ata. Traveling more usually means spending more.

Context/how we roll

We’re your typical wanderin’ backpacker duo:

  • Always walk or take public transport… unless there is none. (Or we’re reeeally lost…)
  • Usually eat cheap meals and fast food for at least 2 meals a day.
  • Sleep in the cheapest accommodation we can find that isn’t crawling with bedbugs or covered with old vomit. Usually opt for a private double rather than dorms.
  • We don’t like museums.

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A detailed budget report from 26 days of backpacking in Kyrgyzstan, including average costs spent on accommodation, food, transport, and a city-by-city breakdown. Click to find out exactly how much it costs to go backpacking in Kyrgyzstan.

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