So you want to try bhang lassi in Varanasi?

Everything you need to know about finding and trying bhang lassi in Varanasi, India. Includes tips on where to get it and how to be safe.

Edibles. Space cake. Happy. Special. All different terms meaning the same thing: food with weed in it.

And that’s precisely what bhang lassi is—a type of marijuana-infused lassi famous throughout India.

Bhang lassi is famous throughout India. It's a legal marijuana-infused drink sold in a variety of places throughout the country, and Varanasi is one such place. Here's everything you need to know about drinking bhang lassi in Varanasi, India: where to find it, how much it costs, what to expect, and how to stay safe... and sane ;)

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Before you get your panties in a twist, know that bhang lassi is actually legal in some places in India! True to India’s wildly illogical nature, though weed and hash are illegal to possess and consume, bhang lassi is mostly fine. Go figure.

Where to find bhang lassi in Varanasi, India - Vendor selling glasses of bhang thandai in Badal Thandai in Varanasi - Lost With Purpose

Bhang lassi is also commonly consumed by Shiva devotees on special occasions. They believe that consuming bhang will help them to better worship and understand the Hindu god. Naturally, since Varanasi is a city of all things holy and sacred, that means bhang lassi (amongst other bhang delicacies such as laddoos and pakora) is legal to sell and consume in the city.

Of course, you’ve already found this article, so you probably already knew that. On to the real question…

Where to find bhang lassi in Varanasi

There are plenty of places where you can find “special” lassi on the menu in Varanasi. Whether or not the lassi actually contains bhang (and only bhang) is another story.

Where to find bhang lassi in Varanasi - Badal Thandai in Varanasi - Lost With Purpose

Badal Thandai is the tiny store with a yellow drink in a glass on the sign.

Our choice: We followed locals to the renowned Badal Thandai on Gowdolia Chowk. It’s a grubby green hole-in-the-wall without much in the way of English signage, but it has everything you want. They serve up bhang lassis, but they also serve bhang ki thandai, a sumptuous milk drink (with weed, duh) that Varanasi is famous for. Highly recommended! One medium-strength drink will set you back about 50 Rs.

Near Assi Ghat: there’s also Green Lassi, another tiny street side lassi stand with a friendly owner, though this one has a few more tourists as clientele. Special lassis are about 50 Rs. here, too.

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Where to find bhang lassi in Varanasi - Blue lassi shop - Lost With Purpose

Foreigner’s choice: Your last big alternative is Blue Lassi, another hole-in-the-wall famous with the foreigner crowd. They offer a million and one different lassi flavors ranging from pomegranate to banana chocolate, and bhang lassi is one of the options. You’ll have to ask for it, as it’s not on the menu. Their bhang lassi is the most expensive at 350 Rs. (As usual with places recommended by the Lonely Planet.)

How strong is bhang lassi in Varanasi?

That could vary. Some people drink a light lassi and have their heads blast off. We had a medium-strength thandai each from Badal Thandai, and were pleasantly high for about 6 hours. Far more manageable than we expected, given past experiences we may or may not have had with edibles.

My high was a bit longer (and stronger) than Sebastiaan’s since I’m smaller.

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Where to find bhang lassi in Varanasi, India - Drinking bhang lassi - Lost With Purpose

Bottoms up!

So I just drank bhang lassi in Varanasi. Now what?

Well, your head is probably going to fall off in 10… 9… 8…

Nah, joking (or am I?). Now you need to be patient. You can expect the drink to kick in within an hour or two, and it will be a gradual shift in mental state. Don’t go drinking another one because you’re not feeling anything yet!

I suggest you buy a big bottle of water and wander on over to one of the ghats. Find a nice, peaceful spot up on the steps where you can watch people pass by without having to deal with too many touts—interactions with people might be difficult at times! Settling near a chai stand is highly recommended, bonus points if they also sell samosas.

Where to find bhang lassi in Varanasi - Peace on the Varanasi ghats - Lost With Purpose

Finding some peace along the ghats

A boat ride is another option, though be sure to bargain for the boat before the bhang hits. The boat touts are sharp, and will most definitely prey on you if you’re too high to negotiate properly.

Tips for staying safe and sane with bhang lassi in Varanasi

I don’t care how many joints you’ve puffed in your glory days—if you’ve never eaten anything containing weed before (or only ever had a mediocre brownie that didn’t actually do anything), be cautious with bhang lassi. Marijuana is significantly more potent when consumed. The high is much heavier, and lasts much longer.

Where to find bhang lassi in Varanasi - Bhang ki thandai milk drink in Varanasi - Lost With Purpose

To keep yourself from going nutty and/or falling into the Ganges…

  • Start small. If you’ve never taken edibles, have a light lassi. You could even share with someone.
  • Be patient. It takes an hour or two to kick in, depending on your size, gender, metabolism, how full your stomach is, etc.
  • Carry water with you, and keep on drinking. Staying hydrated on drugs is always a good idea.
  • Don’t drink alcohol. You’ll get sick. I promise.
  • If possible, let someone you trust know what you’re doing in case you find yourself in a pickle and need some assistance (or need help buying more snacks).
  • Note down where your hostel is so you can find your way back if necessary. Take their business card, the phone number of the owner, or mark it on Google Maps.
  • Watch your belongings. Tourists have fallen asleep from the high and woken up with empty pockets.
  • Remember, weed cannot hurt you. You cannot die from marijuana use alone. If you’re high and feel like you’re dying, NEWSFLASH: you’re not, you’re just high as balls. Keep reminding yourself it will pass with time.
  • If things get too intense, go back to your hostel and listen to some chill music and/or go to sleep.
  • Take it easy, and enjoy the ride!

Disclaimer: Don’t do drugs. Unless you just can’t help yourself. In that case, make sure to do them safely and intelligently, and have fun in the process 😉

Bhang lassi is famous throughout India. It's a legal marijuana-infused drink sold in a variety of places throughout the country, and Varanasi is one such place. Here's everything you need to know about drinking bhang lassi in Varanasi, India: where to find it, how much it costs, what to expect, and how to stay safe... and sane ;)

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11 thoughts on “So you want to try bhang lassi in Varanasi?

    Good tips, actually. I have heard of so many foreigners getting into trouble with bhang lassi because they don’t know what they’re doing… hopefully this will guide a few excited souls :p

    That’s the main problem. Many people think that, because they’ve smoked a joint before, they know what they’re doing. But the high of edibles is so different from smoking, that even experienced smokers should take care with the dosage. We know plenty of people who didn’t head this advice, and got way too high for their own good. Hopefully this helps a bit in making an informed decision.

    robert says:

    What what? Marijuana? You know the proper words to catch reader’s attention. Cool post.

    Bekal George says:

    Bhang lassi in Varanasi is something new to me. I have tasted plain lassi (curd mixed with sugar), many a times. Shoudl try this whenever I get a chance. Thanks for bringing such a wonderful article.

    Sebastiaan says:

    Just make sure to not drink too much 😉

    Cristian G. says:

    I have tried Bhang Lassi in Jaisalmer and Udaipur. I’m in Varanasi right now so I’m gonna check what’s all the fuzz about the ‘Bhang Lassi in Varanasi’ 😉
    Cheers from Chile.

    Cristian G says:

    by the way, the prices are 350rp for medium, and 400rp for strong.

    Derek Motley says:

    I enjoyed a couple of bhang lassis the day after Mahashivaratri from a government licensed shop. I got a massage by the Ganga, flew kites near Marnikarnika Ghat and was quite high for several hours. Varanasi is an amazing place.

    Dan Collins says:

    If this has been proven to be tasty and healthy, why not give it a try. I am very curious about this drink or ingredient. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    Damien says:

    Had many a bhang lassi in various places in India but the ones in Varanasi were in a different league :). Heed the cautions in the article ;). Fun times.

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