Easy squeezy, literally: a review of Receptra Naturals Active CBD oil

Forget ibuprofen; I’ve found a new way to manage aches and pains while on the road. This review is sponsored by Receptra Naturals, but assuredly all opinions and whingeing about pain are my own.


No one told me how much this would hurt.

The thought plagued my mind at least once a day during my adventures motorbiking through Pakistan.

Like clockwork, after an hour or two on the bike, a sharp ache would begin somewhere around my hips, eventually creeping its way up my back to settle around my backpack-wielding shoulders.

Review of Receptra Naturals Active CBD oil - Motorbike aches - Lost With Purpose travel blog

Cool as it is, this starts to hurt after a time…

Even at the end of the day—when I was off the bike and on a bed—the aches persisted, and kept me tossing and turning.

Then I remembered that I had CBD oil from that just might do the trick.

CBD? What is CBD oil? 

You’re forgiven if CBD is nothing but a random assortment of letters to you. The natural oil is gaining in popularity in parts of the world, but is still far from mainstream… partially because of its association with marijuana.

See, most CBD oil is derived from hemp plants. But unlike the weed or hashish you might smoke up for some hazy fun, CBD oil contains little to no THC, the substance that makes you feel high.

Rather than elicit excess giggles or evoke hours of ponderous conversations about conspiracy theories, CBD oil—cannabidiol oil—reduces both physical pain and mental anxiety without affecting your sobriety. It’s used by all kinds of people to treat a variety of conditions from chronic pain to epilepsy to anxiety. And no, it’s not just a stoner thing.

Review of Receptra Naturals Active CBD oil - Different products from Receptra - Lost With Purpose travel blog

The bag of goodies Receptra Naturals sent to me. Admittedly I only use the CBD oil and body butter—I didn’t find the other products to be particularly effective.

Experimenting with Receptra Naturals Active CBD oil

Privy to these benefits before Receptra reached out to me, I was curious to experiment with CBD oil myself. Despite my interest, the first time I tried the oil, I was exceptionally dubious.

Sitting on a tired bed in a dingy hotel room in Kalar Kahar, Pakistan, a friend and I examined the tiny bottle closely. He had recurring back pains; I was besieged by motorbike aches. Was this our ticket to restful nights sans-pain? I wasn’t sure.

Dosing is easy. One dropper-full of the murky green oil, 2-3 times per day as needed. You could squeeze it onto your tongue, but I prefer to drop it straight down my throat, like a sort of CBD shot. The bottle generously proclaims it “fresh berry” flavored…. in all honesty, I’d say it’s somewhere between fresh berry and eating moss off a log. Nevertheless, it’s palatable moss, and the taste goes away in a few minutes.

What matters is that it works.

We each took a dropper full of the elite 1,000 mg CBD oil, and stretched out to relax. An hour passed, and a moment of realization hit me in the middle of a page of a book I was reading: my pain was gone.

It wasn’t drastic, a sudden shift. I simply realized my discomfort was totally gone; the aches were over.

Maybe the stuff works after all.

Are you suuure it’s not snake oil?

I’m dubious about approximately everything in this world; the cynicism kicks up a notch when it comes to sponsored products. Promoting anything I wouldn’t use myself is unacceptable, so I cast a wary eye on the Active oil.

But since that revelatory night in Kalar Kahar, I regularly use the CBD oil on days I know aches and pains are a-comin’. Sometimes it’s preemptive, and I take it before going out for a long day of walking or working; sometimes it’s treatment for accumulated pains after something like motorbiking or sitting in a cramped plane.

Initially, I was worried about the CBD oil clouding my mind despite its lack of THC. But after a bit of experimentation, I’ve discovered it doesn’t affect my mental faculties at all, short of perhaps making me slightly more relaxed and calm.

Admittedly I never took it before biking. That was more a matter of principle; I didn’t want to take any substances at all while driving around on a borrowed bike. (Paying to replace someone else’s fancy bike is not in my interests, just sayin’.)

However, since my biking adventure, I’ve taken a dosage of oil before everything from workdays on foot to meetings on call, and haven’t noticed any kind of spacey side effects or loss of function. So you don’t have to worry about it being like smoking a joint before heading off to your 9 to 5.

Receptra Naturals review - Victory monument in Bangkok, Thailand in the evening - Lost With Purpose travel blog

A full day of walking hither and thither all over Bangkok, Thailand? No issue, no aches thanks to the CBD oil.

Will this CBD oil solve any and all of your health issues? No, of course not (if it does, give me some of your batch). What I can say is that CBD oil is an easy and more natural way to resolve my body’s aches and pains than popping ibuprofen like candy, and it’s worth trying if you’re seeking an organic alternative to piles of painkillers.

FAQs about Receptra Naturals Active CBD oil

Q: Where can I buy Receptra Naturals Active Lifestyle CBD oil?

A: You can buy it online from Receptra Naturals’ shop here.

Q: It’s really legal to have this shipped to me, even though weed isn’t legal in my home?

A: In most instances, yes. CBD oil derived from hemp plants—like the stuff I’ve been talking about—is legal in many countries around the world, and certainly in all 50 US States.

Q: Is it legal for me to travel with it in places where weed is illegal?

A: Usually, yes. See above.

Q: Does it get you high?

A: Man, read the article. (But if you’re too lazy to: no, it doesn’t.)


Have any more questions? Leave them in the comments below!


Review of Receptra Naturals CBD oil - Oil and body butter - Lost With Purpose travel blog


Yay transparency! Receptra Naturals gave me the product and sponsored this post, but assuredly all thoughts are my own. Trust me, I ain’t the type to hawk snake oil to you—I actually use this stuff.

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