How to get from Palitana to Diu in Gujarat, India

Palitana and Diu were some of our favorite stops while in Gujarat… but getting from one to the other was a pain in the ass. Here’s a quick guide on how to get from Palitana to Diu by bus.

Palitana is home to one of the most sacred sites in Jainism, while Diu is one of the most relaxed places in Gujarat, India. Needless to say, both merit a visit. It’s possible to travel by public transport from Palitana to Diu, but it requires a bit of navigating.

How to get from Palitana to Diu by bus - Bus station in Palitana, Gujarat state, India - Lost With Purpose

The (very watery) Palitana bus station

Getting from Palitana to Talaja

Your first stop to get from Palitana to Diu by bus is Talaja, about an hour from Palitana. Buses from Palitana to Talaja go every hour or so, and cost 26 Rs. per person. Tell the ticket collector you’re heading towards Diu, as you’ll need to get off at a junction just outside of Talaja.

The junction in Talaja is unremarkable. There will be a large sort of gateway/entryway to the bus’ left, as it swings about a dusty roundabout. There are no signs, only small street stalls with some cars hanging around. The bus driver should let you know this is the junction you need to get off at.

Getting from Talaja to Una or Diu

Once you’re at the junction, there’s a good chance shared taxi touts will vie for your attention. None of them go to Diu, though, nor do they go to Una, the closest city to Diu… no matter what they say. You have to wait here for a passing bus to Una or Diu. Ask every bus that passes whether they go to Diu.

Beware, you might have to wait for a while.

There are red and tan government (GRSTC) buses. It’s preferable to get a red bus, since they go directly to Diu. The tan buses go to Una, where you’ll have to wait for another bus to Diu.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear how often and how many buses pass the Talaja junction, so you should just take the first bus that will take you. A bus to Una takes 3 hours and costs 99 Rs. per person. A bus to Dui takes 4 hours, and will cost a bit more. We’re not sure exactly how much, as we had to go through Una.

How to get from Palitana to Diu by bus - A man looking lost in a boat amongst the greens near Diu, Gujarat, India - Lost With Purpose

Some roadside scenery on the way to Diu

From Una to Diu

If you were unlucky like us, and ended up in a bus to Una, despair.

Although our Lonely Planet said there are hourly buses from Una to Diu, we had to wait four hours for a bus in Una. The bus stand here is a nondescript bench, with no snack stalls in sight. Make sure to bring enough water and food. On the bright side, there is a very smelly toilet.

So there you have it, a quick guide on how to get from Palitana to Diu by bus. For more info, check out the GRSTC website for bus schedules. Just remember that they might not be accurate. And make sure to leave early!


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