Austria Travel Tips – Ultimate Guide to Traveling in Austria

Don’t know where to spend your summer holidays? Couldn’t decide on a place due to limited time? Then you must visit Austria.

Austria is a small country in Europe, but when it comes to natural beauty, it is one of Europe’s best examples. The beautiful lakes, landscape, scenarios, and its vibrant cities are the best attractions for tourists.

If you’re planning a visit to Austria and you’re from a country where Schengen visas are required to travel, then you must apply for a tourist visa in Austria before starting your journey. If you plan to visit this beautiful country you should check the requirements of tourist visas for Austria before traveling. Then it will prove to be the right place for you to enjoy your precious time as you explore the culture and heritage of that place.

Culture in Austria

Austria has a long history with a rich cultural heritage. It is regarded as the birthplace of different arts and music like ball dance, Mozart, some classic films, as well as its native cuisines. Austria is also known for its disciplined lifestyle. Most people are often time-bound and are often seen to be maintaining time while doing any kind of work. Hence you, too, should respect their time while traveling in Austria.

If you’re planning to visit Austria and this will be your first time there, don’t be afraid, this article provides you with the ultimate guide to travel to Austria. Keep reading to learn about the best places worth visiting and what activities you should do while traveling in Austria.

Best places to visit in Austria

1. Vienna

Vienna is known as the city of museums and palaces. It is a place with rich culture and grandeur. Walk down the street surrounded by beautiful palaces and you’ll feel like you’ve been dropped into a fantastical setting that one has only read about in a fairytales. Vienna is also famous for its coffee. Hence enjoying the scenario along with a cup of coffee in the cafe of Vienna can be the ultimate experience for you.

2. Salzburg

It is one of the best places in Austria. If you need mental peace and eye-soothing events, you must visit Salzburg where you will find the green meadow on both sides of the river with Mozart and majestic royal architecture. This site is also gaining its place in the list of the World’s heritage sites.

3. Graz

Graz is regarded as the largest city of Austria with almost more than five universities (depicts the educational center of the country) along with the preserved culture of the old town of Austria. It is one of the offbeat places of Austria but due to its beauty and majestic scenario, it often stole the heart of all visitors.

4. Wachau

It is one of the best places in Austria, located on the shore of the river Danube. It is a valley-based place located in the south of the country and is the best tourist attraction. If you are in Wachau then you must try the white wine. This Wachau is known for its best quality white wine in the world. It is regarded as the best place for the wine connoisseur and hence also gained much popularity. It also possesses certain monasteries which are regarded as the best part of that time. This Wachau is also known for its rich culture and cuisines.

Things you must do while traveling in Austria

1. Go for a music concert

Schonbrunn is regarded as one of the major attractions of Austria. It is one of the most impressive places of imperial residence and also houses the oldest zoo in the world.

2. Explore a natural ice cave

In Austria, you can also enjoy some of the world’s largest ice and limestone caves, Eisreisenwelt, which are located near a small village in Werfen.

3. Chill at an Austrian lake

Worthersee is one of the prettiest lakes in Austria. There are all kinds of watersports and other activities available on its lakeshores… in addition to, obviously, being allowed to take a dip in the lake! Such things help you to freshen your mind and release any worries.

4. Enjoy music concerts in Austrian cities

One such event is the famous Nova Rock music concert, which is characterized by rock and heavy metal music. Visiting Austria and missing the concert is just like missing an important event in life.

5. Go wild at a ski festival in the mountains

Austria is also famous for the Snowbombing ski festival held every year at Mayrhofen ski resort. Snow sports, music, and all kinds of revelry in a stunning natural landscape—what could be more Austrian than that?

Featured image of an Austrian village by Matthias Betz on Unsplash 

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