The Arab world’s finest hot springs for relaxation

For decades, travellers have been drawn to the Arab world’s hidden network of natural wonders, which spans from the lush palm groves of Oman to the dry oasis of Saudi Arabia. Mineral-rich hot springs, rejuvenating fountains that appear to breathe new life into the surrounding landscapes, are among the region’s most sought-after havens. Those in need of a vacation from the fast-paced world of today may take advantage of these geothermal spas and inexpensive luxury flights with Flyadeal for the ultimate rest and renewal. Read on to learn about some of the best hot springs in the Arab world.

Why seek out the best hot springs in the Arab world?

People all around the Middle East have long valued hot mineral springs for their healing properties. To relieve their illnesses and feel refreshed, ancient societies gathered at these natural springs and took dips in the healing waters. As adventurous travellers swarm to the area’s renowned thermal oasis, this beloved custom is being upheld today. Come see some of the best hot springs in the Arab world, which offer unparalleled environments for rest and rejuvenation.

9 best hot springs in the Arab world

Ras Al Khaimah’s Khatt Hot Springs, United Arab Emirates

In the scenic emirate of Ras Al Khaimah lies the captivating Khatt Hot Springs. This triple hot spring emerges from limestone substrate, with waters constantly flowing at 104°F (40°C). Rich in sulphur and other therapeutic minerals, the spring’s waters are renowned for their curative powers. At the site, a luxury hotel and spa have been thoughtfully developed, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the revitalising mineral pools while surrounded by tranquil gardens and first-class amenities.

Moulay Yacoub Hot Springs, Morocco

Morocco’s exotic landscape is further enriched by its bounty of over 100 thermal springs, among which the Moulay Yacoub springs stand out. Located just 12 miles from the ancient city of Fez, these springs are prized for their waters rich in sulphur, mineral salts, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Renowned for alleviating rheumatoid conditions, ENT issues, and chronic pain, the Moulay Yacoub Springs offer a rejuvenating escape amidst Morocco’s mesmerising terrain.

Ma’in Hot Springs, Jordan

Ma'in hot springs in Jordan

Ma’in Hot Springs, Jordan. Photo from Wikipedia.

Dubbed one of the most attractive natural pools in the world, Jordan’s Ma’in Hot Springs is a true oasis. Originating from basaltic mountain tops, the mineral-rich waters flow through a series of cascades and pools in the Madaba region. Just an hour’s drive from Amman, Ma’in attracts wellness tourists seeking relief from skin conditions, circulatory issues, and joint and muscle pain. With its idyllic setting and modern spa facilities, these ancient springs provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and healing.

Siwa Oasis Hot Springs, Egypt

Hot springs in Siwa Oasis

Hot springs in Siwa, Egypt. Photo from Unsplash.

In Egypt’s remote Siwa Oasis, natural hot springs have been therapeutic sanctuaries since ancient times. The most celebrated is Cleopatra Spring, a stone pool perpetually replenished by a natural spring. This timeless oasis was frequented by Egyptian, Persian and Bedouin civilizations seeking the restorative benefits of the mineral-infused waters. Today, visitors can soak in the same revitalising springs once favoured by Cleopatra herself.

Ad-Dal’a Hot Springs, Saudi Arabia

About an hour from Riyadh in the Saudi town of Al-Kharj, the astonishing Ad-Dal’a hot spring awaits. With an astounding depth of 98 feet (30 metres), this seemingly bottomless marvel is connected by an underground channel to the Samha Spring located just 49 feet (15 metres) away. The eternal charm and natural beauty surrounding these enigmatic springs create an experience steeped in wonder and relaxation. A must-visit if you’re traveling in Saudi Arabia.

Korbous Hot Springs, Tunisia

The little village of Korbous provides a serene hot spring getaway with seven restorative mineral pools, about an hour’s drive from Tunis. With temperatures ranging from 111°F to 140°F (44-60°C), spring is said to offer therapeutic advantages for many conditions including arthritis and respiratory problems. In the middle of Tunisia’s breathtaking natural beauty, Korbous offers a tranquil setting for rest and renewal surrounded by undulating hills and rich vegetation.

Nakhal Hot Springs, Oman

Ninety minutes from Muscat, the Nakhal Hot Springs (Ain Al Thawarah) gush from the Silud Mountain, creating a scenic oasis. The steaming waters flow for nearly 100 feet before splitting into two picturesque streams surrounded by vibrant palm groves. After a soak in the replenishing mineral waters, visitors can explore the 17th-century Nakhal Fort, adding a sense of timeless enchantment to the experience.

Wadi Ad-Dawasir’s Al-Jubah Hot Springs, Saudi Arabia

Deep in Saudi Arabia’s Wadi Ad-Dawasir valley lies the healing sanctuary of Al-Jobah Hot Springs. Rich in natural sulphur to treat joint diseases and rheumatism, the curative waters are harnessed at modern pool facilities for the ultimate rejuvenating escape. After a restorative soak, guests can continue their wellness journey through the wadi’s serene desert landscapes.

Rejuvenating benefits of thermal springs

There are many revitalising advantages of soaking in thermal mineral springs. The special mineral combinations improve blood flow while treating respiratory, skin, and muscle aches and arthritis. The warm waters help the body remineralize and eliminate toxins, which helps with detoxification. Most significantly, though, thermal springs offer deep stress reduction by dissolving tension while you unwind in breathtaking natural environments. This promotes mental stillness for a calming, introspective experience. All in all, you leave the healing spring waters feeling completely cleansed, spiritually balanced again, and physically restored.

Find your way to the best hot springs in the Arab world

Thermal springs have drawn travellers seeking relaxation, healing, and renewal for centuries. The Arab world’s natural mineral-rich fountains provide the perfect settings to experience the timeless remedies of therapeutic bathing. From hidden oases to dramatic terraced pools, each of these extraordinary hot springs offers its own unique sense of tranquillity and escape. Whether you seek relief for body, mind, or spirit, the region’s finest geothermal retreats await to revive and rejuvenate your soul through the restorative powers of nature’s precious waters.


Featured photo by JoTB, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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