How to get from Agonda to North Goa by bus

Getting from Agonda to North Goa by bus is not as straightforward as it sounds. Check out this guide on how to get from Agonda to North Goa by bus to make sure you know the way.


Agonda, a beach town in South Goa, is considered by some as “off the beaten track Goa”.

Although we do not agree with this assessment at all—there are too many yoga pants to this place to be off the beaten track—it’s surely located in a transportation dead zone. Getting to the better-known places in the north can be a pain in the ass, so to save you a little trouble, here’s a quick guide on how to get from Agonda to North Goa by bus.

How to get from Agonda to North Goa by bus - The ATM bus station in Agonda, Goa - Lost With Purpose

The “bus station” at the ATM near the main church in Agonda

Getting to Margao

There’s bus every hour from the HDFC Bank ATM near the main church, and across from Fatima’s corner. The buses don’t go anywhere useful, but they can drop you off at a junction where you can switch to a bus to Margao. Just tell the driver Margao, and he’ll know where you need to get off. This part of the journey costs 10 Rs. per person.

At the drop-off junction, you might have to wait for a bit to get on a bus to Margao, but usually not more than an hour. The trip to Margao takes about an hour, and costs 30 Rs. per person.

How to get from Agonda to North Goa by bus - The Panaji bus station in North Goa, India - Lost With Purpose

The Panaji bus station

Getting to Panaji and beyond

When you arrive in Margao, you’l want to head to Panaji, the capital of Goa. There are regular shuttles here, but you have to buy a ticket first. Just ask around and someone will point you to the ticket counter. A ticket costs 40 Rs. for a normal shuttle, and 48 Rs. for a shuttle with A/C.

If you’re heading north of Panaji, get off at the bus station to switch to your relevant bus. There are buses all over north Goa from Panaji. We were headed to Baga, so we took a direct bus from Panaji to Calangute, and walked from there.

If you’re heading somewhere between Margao and Panaji, make sure to ask the driver to let you off.

Safe travels!

There you have it, a quick guide on how to get from Agonda to North Goa by bus. Make sure to leave somewhat early, as switching buses can take a fair amount of time.


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