Want to rent a truck art motorcycle in Pakistan?

Truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan is a no-brainer. Here’s how we can make it happen for you in Islamabad.

Swirling psychedelic peacocks. Rainbow fish flashing through waves. Neon colors glowing in the dark of night. It’s pretty obvious why Pakistani “truck art” is adored by so many… and why I couldn’t resist putting it all over my motorcycles, too! Now, you can get in on the action, too: when not on tour, I offer truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan to travelers looking for a ride.

If you’re looking to rent a motorcycle in Pakistan—and want the sweetest ride around—read on.

Truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan: What’s here?

Suzuki GS 150 motorcycles covered in Pakistani truck art

Our little fleet of truck art motorcycles for rent

Truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan: the bikes

I work with local tour company Coyote Trail to offer truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan. Most of the bikes we rent out are local ones we use on our motorcycle tours of Pakistan; we don’t want to let them sit and gather dust while not on tour!

We have two types of motorcycles available for rent:

Suzuki GS 150 SE motorcycle covered in Pakistani truck art, during sunset in Islamabad

Suzuki GS 150 SE – USD 18 per day

  • Engine: 150cc
  • Tank size: 12L
  • Dry weight: 114 kg
  • Brakes: Disc brakes
  • Gearbox: 5 speed
  • Petrol consumption: 45 km/L
  • Max speed: ~110 kmh

This small but bulletproof bike is locally made in Pakistan. If you want to rent a motorcycle in Pakistan with minimal hassle, this bike is it. Its consumption is excellent, it’s small and easy to maneuver in Pakistani traffic, and it’s extremely easy to find spare parts and mechanics who can work on the bike in Pakistan. Its suspension isn’t amazing, but trust me: I’ve taken these bikes all over the country, through every kind of terrain, and up to 4800m above sea level. They can handle any journey you throw at them.

Plus, we’ve covered them in Pakistani truck art. They’re sexy as hell. What’s not to like? We’re the only ones offering truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan, so we can promise you these are the coolest 150s you’ll find on rent in the country.

Want to rent this motorcycle in Pakistan? Contact us on Whatsapp or use the contact form further down.


Truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan, parked on the banks of the river near Khaplu

Yamaha TT-R 250 Raid – USD 35 per day

  • Engine: 249cc
  • Tank size: 10L
  • Dry weight: 121 kg
  • Gearbox: 6 speed
  • Petrol consumption: 30 km/L
  • Max speed: ~95 kmh

She’s old, but gold; this is the bike I play with when I have free time in Pakistan. I’ve driven her up some of the most dangerous roads in Pakistan, and she has yet to let me down. She was the first motorcycle I covered in sticker Pakistani truck art; now I know it’s the more durable of the two truck art styles in the country! We now use the same style for all of our truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan.

If you want to rent a motorcycle in Pakistan for offroad adventures, this is the better option for you. It has high ground clearance, good suspension, knobby tires, and is tuned to ride at higher altitudes. If your plan is to ride in the mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan or Chitral, this bike will serve you well!

Note: Though our truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan is open to all travelers, we require you to have a valid motorcycle license if you want to rent this motorcycle.

Want to rent this motorcycle in Pakistan? Send us a Whatsapp message or use the contact form below.


Truck art sticker workshop in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Getting one of our bikes pimped at a truck art workshop in Rawalpindi

Truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan: how much does it cost?

As you saw above, the cost of your truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan depends on the motorcycle you rent:

  • Suzuki GS 150 SE: $18/day
  • Yamaha TT-R Raid 250: $35/day

If you rent the motorcycle for a longer period—2 weeks or more—we can discuss further discounts for you. Get in touch with us to discuss options.

Why does it cost so much to rent a motorcycle in Pakistan?

Travelers often ask us why it costs this much to rent a motorcycle in Pakistan. People often compare motorcycle rental in Pakistan to places like Thailand or India. There are several justifications for the cost of our truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan:

  • Pakistan doesn’t have the same bike availability as other countries. Import taxes are huge—sometimes up to 300%—so only local motorcycles are readily available at a reasonable cost. Pakistan doesn’t have the same excess of motorcycle brand or make options that other countries do.
  • Spare parts for non-local bikes are expensive. Again, import taxes are huge; buying spare parts for foreign-made motorcycles is expensive, and sometimes difficult. We often have to ask travelers coming from abroad to bring parts for us, since not everything is available in Pakistan.
  • The bikes are fabulous! We’re the only company offering truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan. Naturally, it cost us money to pay artists to decorate these bikes with Pakistani truck art, and we have to pay to repair the art in case of damages, too. Gotta do what we gotta do!

All this considered, you’ll find our prices are still competitive with other motorcycle rental companies in Pakistan. Helping travelers have fun without breaking the bank is important to us, too!

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Where can I rent a truck art motorcycle in Pakistan?

We rent all of our truck art motorcycles from my local partner’s tour company headquarters in Islamabad. You’ll find Coyote Trail in E-11/4 (See it on Google Maps) though it’s best to contact us before showing up to make sure someone is there.


How long can I rent a motorcycle in Pakistan?

Most travelers renting our truck art motorcycles take them for at least 2 weeks. If you’re planning on riding to the mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan and back—the most common route—you need at least 2 weeks to really enjoy yourself.

However, there’s no upper limit to how long you rent the motorcycle! As long as we don’t need to use them for our motorcycle tours, they’re available for you to rent.


Biker in Sarfaranga Cold Desert in Pakistan

Renting a bike can help you reach places like this: the Sarfaranga Cold Desert in Gilgit-Baltistan

Do I need a license to rent a motorcycle in Pakistan?

Always an interesting question! Technically, you do need to have a motorcycle license to ride in Pakistan. Practically speaking… we’d be surprised if a foreign traveler was ever asked for their license by the authorities. And to be honest, a large portion of local bikers are riding around sans-license.

If you want to rent a Suzuki 150 motorcycle from us, we do not require a motorcycle-specific license. Just a driving license is needed; we at least need to know that you know how to navigate roads in your own country!

If you want to rent anything bigger than a 150 from us, we do require you to have a motorcycle license. It’s very expensive for us to repair imported motorcycles; we have to be careful.

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Truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan: what’s included?

When you rent a motorcycle from us, we make sure the bike is in good condition with fresh oil. We can provide you with rope or bungee cords to attach your luggage to the racks on the backs of the bikes.

Petrol is on you; we just ask that you bring the bike back with the same amount of petrol as when you started.

We have simple helmets available for renters. If you want a higher quality helmet, you can either pay an extra fee to use one of ours or we can show you where to buy motorcycle helmets nearby. Fee is dependent on the quality of the helmet you want. We’re motorheads; we have a lot of helmets!


Truck art motorcycle rental in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan: what if I damage the bike?

Slips and spills are an inevitable part of riding bikes. We understand.

When you rent the bike, we’ll take a cash deposit from you to cover any potential bike damages. The deposit amount is dependent on the motorcycle rented, up to $200. We also provide you with a list of commonly damaged parts and their costs so you know what to expect in case of any mishaps. When you return the bike to us, we’ll assess it for damages and let you know about costs.

Mirrors and levers are the most common victims, but never fear; replacing the mirrors on a Suzuki 150 costs less than $10. Just to give you an idea.

If you total the bike… well, that’s another story! That’s a discussion to have when the time comes.

Naturally, we are not liable for any harm you cause to yourself when riding in Pakistan. Riding motorcycles is a dangerous pastime, as you probably know already! If you have a valid motorcycle license, we recommend taking out travel insurance that covers motorcycling abroad.


Truck art motorcycle parked in Basho Valley, Pakistan

Basho Valley: but one of many jaw-dropping landscapes reachable by motorcycle in Pakistan

Recommended motorcycle routes and itineraries in Pakistan

So you’ve decided to go for truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan? Woop woop! Next, you’ll need to figure out where you want to go with your pimpin’ truck art ride.

There are a few routes and loops that travelers like to take. Feel free to use these as a reference, and don’t be afraid to add side quests to the itinerary! There are a lot of epic roads to explore in the mountains if you have the time.

Karakoram Highway | Best for limited time: A simple route going up and down the famous Karakoram Highway. You’ll go Islamabad – Besham (or Naran in summers) – Chilas – Karimabad (Hunza) – Passu – Khunjerab Pass – then backtrack. The entire road is paved, bar landslide areas. You need at least 10 days for this itinerary.

Hunza and Skardu loop: A more adventurous route with a mixture of paved roads and dirt roads. You’ll ride: Islamabad – Besham/Naran – Chilas – Hunza – Gilgit – Skardu – Surrounds of Skardu – Deosai Plains – Astore – back down the Karakoram Highway. You need at least 2 weeks for this itinerary, and can easily add more destinations in Upper Hunza and Skardu/Baltistan.

Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A big loop with the biggest variety of cultures. This is the route we take on our motorcycle tours of Pakistan. We go: Islamabad – Besham/Naran – Chilas – Karimabad – Passu – Ghizer (Ishkoman, Phander, or Yasin) – Shandur Pass – Mastuj/Booni – Chitral – Dir – Peshawar – Islamabad. It’s possible to do in 2 weeks, but more time is much better.


Alex and Sana of Lost With Purpose and Coyote Trail tourism companies

Me (Alex) and my local tour partner, Sana of Coyote Trail.

Truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan: why us?

You mean you need more reason to rent a truck art motorcycle in Pakistan?!

Just kidding.

We’re a foreign – local duo working together to help more bikers enjoy Pakistan… in style. Both I and my local partner, Sana, have traveled the length of Pakistan on a variety of motorcycles. We know the country like the back of our hands, are extremely well-versed in motorcycle travel in Pakistan, and we’ve both been taking tourists around the country in a more official way since 2019. I started working with Sana’s company, Coyote Trail, in 2022. It’s safe to say we know Pakistan like the back of our hands, and we’re happy to help tourists in any way we can.

We’ve seen everything and then some; we’re sure to be able to help you with anything motorcycle related while in Pakistan.

Sold? Get in touch by Whatsapp or use the form below to contact us about truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan.


Contact us about truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan

Want to rent a motorcycle in Pakistan? Down with the idea of truck art motorcycle rental in Pakistan? Sweet! You can use the contact form below to send us an email about what you need, and we can work together to make things happen.


Alex on a truck art motorcycle in Samarra, Iraq

Me and Meri Jaan, my first Pakistani truck art motorcycle, in Iraq

The story behind the Pakistani truck art motorcycles

In 2022, I decorated my main motorcycle, a Suzuki DR650 named Meri Jaan, in Pakistani truck art. I took her to the painters in a local truck art workshop on a whim, asked them to deck her out… and they did! Since that day, I’ve ridden her halfway around the world, through countries like Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and people all along the way fell love with her (now rather knackered) artistry.

Though she’s no longer in Pakistan these days, I wanted to keep that joy going inside Pakistan, too. I took yet another motorcycle to sticker artists in Rawalpindi, and they did an equally fantastic job. After riding that bike up and down Pakistan, I realized the sticker art doubled as a great protective cover, as well as a safety measure since it’s highly reflective at night. What’s not to like?

It was only inevitable that we did the same to our fleet of tour/rental bikes. It’s addictive, this art! Come rent a bike from us and find out 😉


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