Yo! I’m Alex.

I’m an American solo female traveler living out of a backpack since 2016, traveling to all kinds of places many tourists never consider. Cultures call to me, maps lie to me, and I’ll go anywhere so long as there are friendly faces and wild spaces.

My goal is to inspire you to question stereotypes, travel responsibly… and see how girls can travel anywhere.

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Peril in the Pamir: my brush with death in Tajikistan (Part I)

Part I of my most terrifying travel experience to date: that time I accidentally almost died in a remote village in Tajikistan’s Pamir mountains.

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New life, new chapter: breaking up on the road

The story behind the separation of Lost With Purpose, plus some love and advice about breaking up while traveling.

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The great divide

A wake up call to the great divide between the many faces of a country, and what tourists do and do not see, in Thall, Pakistan.

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How the f*%k do I pay for all this full-time travel?

You all keep asking, so I might as well answer. Here’s how I afford full-time travel… and how you can, too.

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Paradise naught: the privilege of being a tourist

Tourist privilege couldn’t be clearer, yet it’s something we travelers often overlook. Let’s not.

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