Yo! We’re Alex and Sebastiaan.

A twenty-something couple from the United States and the Netherlands, we ditched our apartment and picked up our backpacks. Cultures call to us, maps lie to us, and we’ll go anywhere as long as there are friendly faces and unexplored places.

We travel through truly off-the-beaten-track countries and destinations, sharing our experiences along the way to encourage understanding and inspire you to do the same, no matter where you’re from.

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10 things nobody told me about traveling in India

We heard all kinds of tales and horror stories before traveling to India, but the country was still full of surprises upon our arrival! Here are 10 things nobody told me about traveling in India, from the unexpected to the uncomfortable.

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5 serious dangers of traveling in Pakistan

5 of the most serious dangers of traveling in Pakistan. Beware, the country is not for those weak of heart… or stomach.

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60 things you need to know before traveling to Iran

The list to end all lists of things to know before traveling to Iran. Grab a drink, get comfortable, and prepare to learn!

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Essential camera advice for beginner travel photographers

Choosing a camera for your travels can be a complicated process… but it doesn’t have to be! Here are two simple pieces of camera advice for beginner travel photographers. Time to figure out which camera and lens is the best fit for you!

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