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So you’ve learned who we are and think we might be worth working with, eh?

Excellent, the brainwashing is working Sweet. You’re on the right track!

What we can do for you

Let’s be real—it’s all about you, and what we can do with (or for) you:

  • Brand ambassadorship. Show the world how badass your brand is by partnering with active adventurers.
  • Sponsorships. We’ve got crazy ideas, and can do them under your name.
  • Photography and writing. Tell a thousand and one words with our photos, or share a thousand and one stories with our writing.
  • Sponsored content. You’ve got a great product, we’ll make sure people know about it.
  • Web consulting. We know what makes websites tick, and will help you make yours click.
  • Press trips. Your destination is amazing, and we can do it justice.

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Our followers

We’ve developed a fanbase of followers that care, and engage far beyond the typical Wow! and emoji-only comments. They love us for our honesty, they follow us for our open minds, and they’re addicted to our photography.

“Such a delightful and TRUE collection of reflections. Love this travel blog and keeping up with your many awesome escapades.” — Chris, United Kingdom

As of June 2017:


  • Primarily readers aged 18-44
  • 50% 25-34 year olds
  • 50% male
  • Top countries: United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, India

Montly blog stats

  • Unique users: 26,000+
  • Pageviews: 60,000+
  • Search engine acquisition: 40%
  • Social media acquisition: 40%
  • Avg. time on page: 2.5 min+

Social media

  • Instagram: 23,000+
  • Facebook: 5,500+
  • Twitter: 3,200+
  • Pinterest: 1,700+

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Work with Lost With Purpose

Why you’ll love working with us

“Alex and Sebastiaan were a pleasure to work with. Not only did they provide well-written, engaging and high quality content but they were efficient and a breeze to communicate with (no mean feat considering they are constantly in transit!). They took the time to get to know our product which we really appreciated and were professional in every sense of the word. We’re delighted with the partnership and wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future.”

— Suzanne, Brand and Social Media Executive, Ding

We’re on our game. The fact that we’re prone to getting lost doesn’t mean our heads are filled with fluff. Before we left for our current adventure, we’d covered 5 continents and 50+ countries—we know our way around the world!

Beyond that, we both believe professionalism and attention to detail is most important when it comes to doing business, and we’ll never leave you hanging. Both of us also have professional experience with blogging-related fields.

Alex is a lean mean design machine, a keen photographer, and knows her way around the kind of written word that people actually want to read. To sweeten the deal, she has an academic background in development, specifically for the web.

Sebastiaan whiles away hours brainstorming out-of-the-box opportunities, is addicted to planning things perfectly, and he’s Dutch—business is in his blood. If that’s not enough proof, he also has a slick piece of paper saying he’s officially educated in the field of business.

Download our media kit to learn more about our backgrounds and skills.


Filming Lost With Purpose

We’ve been filmed for a documentary in Pakistan.

Lost With Purpose in the media

Show, don’t tell, right? We’ve been featured, interviewed, and published all over the world.

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